Interlock Patios

With have 15 years of interlock stone experience in the Ottawa Valley, we can give you a place to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Book now!

Interlock Walkways

Interlocking Stone walkways offer a beautiful alternative to paving! If you live in the Ottawa Valley area and want a beautiful stone walkway, call us today.

Interlock Pool Surrounds

Give your pool the accent it needs to fit beautifully into your landscape! Interlock stone around your pool will increase value and beauty.

Interlock Driveways

An interlock stone driveway is a great way to beautify your property and increase value. With 15 years of experience will get you the dream you’ve been looking for.

Download and view the full TECHOBLOC Catalogue

Download and view our full PERMACON Catalogue

Adding value, adding space

Interlocking stone is a great way to customize and enhance your outdoor space and make it usable. Get it done right, and increase your home’s value. MWS’s interlocking stone experts will create a custom design that can dramatically improve the look and durability of your patio, walkway, driveway or pool-accent.

Interlock is Colorful

Interlocking stone isn’t all the same! You’ll love what we can do with the wide variety of colours, sizes and styles available…

Interlock means durability

Interlocking stone is strong stuff, and it lasts… and it’s the perfect solution to Ottawa Valley’s winters. Unlike paving, Interlock resists the damage caused by the changing seasons.

Interlock gives you flexibility

Interlock can be removed, and relaid… making it the perfect short term design solution, or the smart choice for areas where access to underground utilities is sometimes necessary.

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3. MWS will discuss styles and colors and provide you a custom design with your project. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION, and you’re invited to contribute: To view types of stones, please visit Techo-Bloc or
4. MWS will get to work!

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