Precast stone

Get the look of limestone, marble, slate, granite, travertine or marble…precast stone gives you a world of choice.

  Natural stone

Nothing beats the look of natural stone; it looks like it belongs. Make your retaining wall look like it’s always been there, and make your steps look like nature put them just where you needed them


From classic wooden staircases to custom designed wooden retaining walls, MWS has you covered. Nothing beats wood for design & build flexibility… get the wall and steps you need quick!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls work by supporting soil, and preserving the effect generated by two or more elevations. Retaining walls can be built using any material: at MWS we specialize in working with precast stone, natural stone and wood. We’ll help you choose the materials based on the look and functionality you need.

Steps and Stairs

Take your landscape design to the ‘next level’! Whether or not you have a retaining wall, if your property changes elevations, you can improve its usability by installing steps or stairs. MWS are experts at maintaining the flow of your landscape design, and will work with you to make your vision a reality!

How to start your retaining wall/steps?

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3. MWS will provide you a free, custom design and discuss styles and colors. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION, and you’re invited to contribute!
4. MWS will get to work!

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